andEnd. is the world’s first customer ending business.
That sounds counter intuitive? Let me explain...

Through writing the Ends book, and spending years researching this theme, I believe we have an enormous problem with off-boarding in consumer relationships. 

By improving consumer endings businesses can improve long term brand loyalty and presence, improve consumer experience, align with legal expectations, neutralise the negative aspects of consumption and raise business awareness of consumers behaviour.


Why End?

Ends hide in plain sight - overlooked.
This absence justifies the indifference we have to the ills of consumption.

We design rich, emotional and meaningful experiences to on-board the consumer through advertising and marketing. In contrast the off-boarding of a consumer experience is barren of emotion and meaning.

This sacrifices consumer action, holding back engagement, limiting reflection and responsibility. Long term side effects of this can be seen in the product, service and digital landscapes.

Consequences seen as changing climate, industries fined billions for mis-selling and individuals eroding their online reputations.


Many businesses are lost in an old model of consumer engagement. Where on-boarding was costly, loyalty was infinite, and off-boarding forgotten.

A new streamlined world, with consumers moving between multiple relationships, clean positive, considered endings will be a competitive differentiator. 

Benefits of endings in consumer experiences

  • Good endings help long term brand loyalty and presence.

  • Good endings help improve consumer experience.

  • Good endings help align legal expectations.

  • Good endings help neutralises the negative aspects of consumption.

  • Good endings raise business awareness of consumers behaviour.