1 day introduction to Off-Boarding and Ends

“I loved this session! Impressed at how important but yet forgotten closure of experiences are in every aspect of our lives (especially in the times we live).”

“Joe re-wired my brain. It's not often that such a big idea and way of thinking is hiding in plain sight.”


Ends are overlooked in consumer experiences. In contrast on-boarding at the beginning is sophisticated, meaningful and extensively studied, with whole industries applying knowledge and skills to its perfection. 

This bias has created a blindness to the value of ends in the consumer lifecycle. Yet ends promises enormous opportunities to gain from understanding and utilising it. With more collaborative off-boarding experiences business gain richer communication with their customers, improve the accuracy of reclaiming or removing materials, improve the brand perception through loyalty and increase re-engagement. 

In a new streamlined world, with consumers moving between multiple relationships, endings will be a competitive differentiator. 


Aims of the day.

This course introduces attendees to the theme of Ends in the consumer lifecycle from a background of consumer and social history. It reveals why consumer endings have been overlooked in recent consumer society.  

Working in groups, on briefs that highlight particular themes, attendees discuss and investigate approaches to the issue of ends. Developing and then sharing their ideas between the wider group. Building into a wider discussion around these approaches and themes. 

Attendees gain practical skills and tools that improve their design of product, service and digital off-boarding. Helping them engage the consumer in actionable, emotional endings that increase business, improve loyalty and gain brand recognition.  

Attendees gain a new perspective of the consumer lifecycle, experience new tools and new approaches that define this emerging area in design. 


Who is it for?

The session is broadly applicable to many roles, it is particularly relevant for people in roles such as - product development, marketing, design, service and interaction design, strategy, customer relationship management (CRM).

Ends has influences across industry sectors: Banking, Transport, Sales, Healthcare, Entertainment, Start-Ups, FMCG, Digital, and Sustainability are particularly relevant. 


What you will take away?

Attendees will be among a few people who are engaging in this new approach to product creation in the consumer lifecycle. The perspective and skills they learn in this session will bring a unique approach to their work and future product development.

• The event introduces unique models to the attendees.
• New ideas that aid thinking about the consumer and the consumer lifecycle. 
• Practical tools and methods that can be applied to their work immediately.


How much?

  • Cost varies on location and quantity of attendees.

  • I offer discounts for educational groups and charities.

  • Always happy to discuss budgets and see where we get to.

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