The Act of Creation. Arthur Koestler

Symbolic exchange and death. Jean Baudrillard

The Art of the Long View. Peter Schwartz

Narrative Mortality. Catherine Russell

The Clock of the Long Now. Stewart Brand

Becoming an Ex. The process of role exit
Helen rose. Fuchs ebaugh

The Twentieth Centurys Quest for Closure
Sandra Giovanna Giacomazzi

Coming Apart. Daphne Rose Kingma

Flow. The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Affluent Society. John Kenneth Galbraith

The End. Narration and Closure in the Cinema. Richard Neupert

When prophecy fails. Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, Stanley Schachter

Behaviour in public places. Erving Goffman

The Sense of an Ending. Frank Kermode

The Varieties of Religious Experience. William James

Conversations about the End of Time. Umberto Eco, Stephen Jay Gould

Understanding Green Consumer Behaviour. Sigmund Wagner

The End of History and the Last Man. Francis Fukuyama

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty. Albert O Hirschman

Endings. The Sociology of Death and Dying. Michael C. Kearl