GDPR and Ends

Amongst GDPR protective intent is a wealth of endings. It requires, expects and encourages endings to happen for consumer data. How this happens though is to be designed and delivered by service providers. Yet many providers care little about this aspect of the consumer lifecycle and overlook its importance to the brand and long term perception of a company.

Over the last few months I have been considering GDPR and what it means for consumer off-boarding experiences. Below are links to themes, thoughts and methods around the issue.

Right to Data Portability

Brand confidence, business trust and honesty will be gauged by confident sharing. But the process may be hobbled by hidden agendas, stalling and paranoia about customers sharing their data.

Doubts to endings with GDPR

As we have seen in the Role Exit process, an event can trigger doubt and move the consumer quickly to investigating alternatives. They will then be seeking Data Portability from their providers.

Flow through end states in GDPR.
European consumers will flex their rights by moving their data relationships between different end states.

Consent and Consent Removal

A controversial aspect of the legislation is the expectation that it must be “as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it”. Suggesting an effective method for consumers to off-board and end their service relationship. Looking at the surrounding elements of consent as part of the wider consumer experience, we can see a variety of styles which could be used in different situations.

Off-boarding stages with Right to be Forgotten

Once the relationship has deteriorated to a point where the consumer is actioning their Right to be Forgotten, it is important to define stages that the consumer will witness.

Right to be Forgotten

GDPR is good for consumer endings. It pushes the consumer and the provider to acknowledge that things should end - even your data. And if you get that far. Designing and developing how people delete their data is not far behind.

Ends principles for GDPR

While studying GDPR and how it is empowering consumers endings with data. I have been able to capture some principles which I think help compose a healthy off-boarding experience for the consumer and ease the burden on business.