How Closure fits into the customer lifecycle

The customer life cycle can be broken into 3 phases - On-Boarding, Usage, and Off-Boarding.

On-Boarding is made up of Starting Experiences

It is the effort it takes to get the customer to commit to the product or service relationship. It is the the start of the relationship.

Starting Experience examples
Advertising that attracts you to a product or service relationship
Marketing that orientates you towards the right decision
Packaging that reveals the beautiful product you have bought

Usage completes tasks, empowers people and orders chaos.

It is the stable committed relationship between the user and the service they use, or the product they own.

Usage Experience examples
Paying in to a pension scheme
Daily usage of a car
Regular usage of an app

Off-Boarding is made up of Closure Experiences

It is the effort it takes to neutralise the effects of the engagement. To complete the agreed engagement. Its the conclusion of the relationship.

Closure Experience examples
It is the completion of a mortgage
It is the disposal of a product in the right place
It is saying goodbye
It is closing the un-used accounts
Its tidying up the impacts of consumption