My Closure Experiences talks cover a lot; it's social history, the plague, religion, consumer booms, zombie apps, carbon footprints and DNRs, to name a few issues. I could waffle on for hours about it, but that probably isn't what you're after. Some where between 15-60 mins is about right. I can also tailor a talk to your sector, as the issue covers a broad set of applications - Products, Services and Digital for example.

Feedback from presentations

'Closure experiences' was top drawer at IXDA - one of the more thought provoking. Top stuff.
An amazing talk on Closure Experiences by @mrmacleod
@mrmacleod brilliant talk and super interesting points to consider.
Fascinating stuff from @mrmacleod on our relationship with consumption. Consumer self vs civil self.


Closure Experiences are a noodly type of issue. Understanding them, and working with their quirks can be challenging. The workshops I run are based on learning the principles of closure experiences, and applying these to issues you face on your projects or in your businesses. The workshops are a lot of fun. They can be as short as an hour, or as long as a week.

Feedback from workshops

Joe re-wired my brain. It's not often that such a big idea and way of thinking is hiding in plain sight.

I loved this session! Impressed at how important but yet forgotten is the closure of experiences in every aspect of our lives (especially in the times we live).

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I have been working on the issue of Closure Experiences for over 15 years. More recently I have dedicated my time fully to this issue and its importance. I am happy to work with businesses on the challenges and opportunities Closure Experiences might bring.


I have quite a bit of experience in teaching and education. I helped write the Design and Technology curriculum for core education in the UK and have also set up lots of internships, school visits, and advised on many degree level courses. 

Teaching Closure Experiences to students is important. Too often they are taught that designers should create new things, and overlook long term implications. Closure Experiences give them an opportunity to frame, discuss and acknowledge some of societies biggest issues.

Feedback from teaching

Made me think about the entire closure experience and the class exercise was really fun and engaging.
Loved how you made it really tangible and offers a new way of brainstorming and thinking of ideas