The Ends talk appeals to a broad audience. The issues it covers impact us all as consumers. Audiences in tech, design, financial services, product development and sustainability have all found it enormously relevant in their work. 

It was presented at over 40 events in the last year, often as a keynote, at venues across America, Europe, Middle East and Russia. 


Workshops / Training

Ends are a difficult type of issue. Understanding them, and working with their quirks can be challenging. The workshops I run are based on learning the principles of closure experiences, and applying these to issues you face on your projects or in your businesses. They can be as short as an hour, or as long as a week.


People say about the Ends workshop…

“Joe re-wired my brain. It's not often that such a big idea and way of thinking is hiding in plain sight.”

“I loved this session! Impressed at how important but yet forgotten closure of experiences are in every aspect of our lives (especially in the times we live).”


Auditing Ends

Many companies overlook endings. Few would even be able to say how customers ended their service or what type of ending they experienced. This leaves consumers venerable to poor experiences left open for negative interpretation in the aftermath.

The Ends Audit covers 6 key areas of endings in your service or product. It provides valuable insight for improvements. Protecting your brand, improving the consumer experience, aligning with legislation, increasing efficiencies and adding long term value.



If your business has already identified a need for improved endings, then I am happy to help achieve that objective. I have had decades of experience in designing and delivering services and products, either independently or running teams and leading businesses. In this mode I can educate, support and guide your business to deliver the most effective off-boarding experiences.