Flow through end states in GDPR. 

European consumers will flex their rights by moving their data relationships between different end states.

The consumer is loyal in their relationship with a provider. This is partly to do with difficulty to move a service to another provider.

Right to Data Portability and Open Banking aim to free that burden by encouraging the consumer to share their data with other providers and enquire about alternative offers. In turn this produces doubt in the relationship between the consumer and their current provider.

The relationship can be further undermined by the consumer removing their consent for their data to be used via Right to Withdraw Consent. In effect the relationship is paused and ended. In this state the provider still has the data so the relationship is not forgotten. Potentially being ignited again if the user consented to it. 

If the data is purged through a Right to be Forgotten request, the relationship is dead, ended and forgotten. At some point providers will need to deliver an off-boarding experience.