Closure Experiences in Services

Services have 5 basic Closure Experiences types found in services. These characterise the way we experience endings in the customer lifecycle of services.

Time Out 

A service that is delivered over a fixed period of time - 3 year education course, 2 week holiday, 12 month magazine subscription. Once that period has expired so has the service.

Credit Out

Services that draw on a numeric value over time until that value is exhausted. This is usually communicated in a local currency, Dollars, Pounds, Euros, for example, but can also be valued in a pseudo currency like points or credits, that have been created by the provider - points on your driving licence (UK), 3 strikes law in the (US), Air Miles, etc.

Task / Event completion

A previously defined event offered by the provider (flight to Paris), or an event agreed between the consumer and the provider (fix my tap). Once this event has taken place to the satisfaction of both parties the service is over.


An uncomfortable separation between the provider and the consumer. A previous agreement has broken down. This can quickly become a legal matter with both provider and consumer resorting to detailed expectations of the relationship that potentially weren’t explicit at the beginning of the relationship. In recent years the T&Cs of digital services have exampled an unwieldy explosion in this type of ending.

Lingering or Forgotten

Some services become so background in our lives that we forget we are even involved with them. These lingering services can still be capturing data from us while we go about our lives unaware of their presence. Maybe they still draw a small amount from our bank accounts well after we have forgotten the relationship existed. Pensions have a long winded relationships that are forgotten for many years.