Technique: First Stage of Role Exit

This diagram reflects what people go through when considering changing their role in a variety of situations, whether this is a job, a relationship, or their gender.

Initial doubts are often ignited from organisational changes, personal burnout, a change in relationships, or the effect of some event. These doubts are then reflected to peers or friends as cuing behaviour. Indicating their doubts in the current role. These cues, being recognised by others, are then reinforced or quelled prompting a re-evaluation of the situation and a halt in the doubting process.

Once the individual has reassurance that their is strong basis in their doubts, they will expand the areas that come under scrutiny. Subsequent events will now be considered negatively as a way of reinforcing their point of view. 

This will kick start the Second Stage of Role Exit (See Below) - the search for viable alternatives.

First Stage of Role Exit. Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh