It was a privilege to hear @mrmacleod's unending wisdom at #CanvasConf. 🙌 So many great #productdesign and #ux insights for brands, and for our wider society.

Fascinating, thought provoking & brilliantly presented talk on the topic of off-boarding by @mrmacleod at #campdigital

The Ends talk appeals to a broad audience. The issues it covers impact us all as consumers. Audiences in tech, design, financial services, product development and sustainability have all found it enormously relevant in their work. 

It was presented at over 40 events in the last year, often as a keynote, at venues across America, Europe, Middle East and Russia. 

Clients range from conferences, corporates and colleges. Management or products teams that want to inspire a different type of thinking in their teams. Hosts that want broader, more disruptive conference content. Or courses, that want to produce challenging thinkers in industry. 

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Feedback from presentations

'Closure experiences' was top drawer at IXDA - one of the more thought provoking. Top stuff.
An amazing talk on Closure Experiences by @mrmacleod
@mrmacleod brilliant talk and super interesting points to consider.

Fascinating stuff from @mrmacleod on our relationship with consumption. Consumer self vs civil self.